Below are 5 simple ways how to get rid of boils at home without any medical knowledge. The authors of these boil treatments are real people who have shared their experience with the world.

The Way How To Get Rid Of Boils Fast

1. This is a natural remedy for boils and carbuncles.

  • Get a small piece of gauze that will fit the site of the to get rid of boils - onion juice
  • Use the knife or other kitchen tools to get onion juice and some grated onion, the more the better.
  • Put the onion juice and grated onion onto the gauze.
  • Put the gauze on the boil and tape it with surgical tape or anything else that will fix it in that position.
  • Apply it daily, best before shower and leave it on for the whole day.
  • A boil will burst and start draining itself after a few days. Expect it 3-4 days as it depends how deep it is.
  • Once the boil bursts let it drain itself, doing a hot compress helps the cleaning process.
  • DO NOT squeeze it because this will spread the infection even further into your skin.
  • Apply the onion juice until the boil disappears completely.

2. Here is the second treatment that will teach you how to get rid of boils at home. You’ll have to make a baking soda paste. It’s very simple to do you mix baking soda and vinegar to make a paste. You have to be careful to mix the exact amounts to make a paste and not overdo it. Cover the boil with the paste and leave it on overnight. This is the exact way how to get rid of boils almost overnight. After you wake up, the boils will probably burst and you’ll have to clean it and let it drain before it completely goes away. The pain should also go away when the boil bursts.

3. This is the third way how to get rid of boils from home. Make oatmeal just like you would eat it and apply it on the boil, cover with band aid and let it treat the boil. Leave it on for a while and then you put it off, make a hot compress. By this time it should burst and you should feel immediate pain relief. This is a cheaper version of home remedies for boils.

4. This is the fourth way how to get rid of boils at home. You’ll need 2 aspirins, tea tree oil and Vicks vapor rub. Mix all the ingredients together to get the remedy. Before you apply it to the boils, do a hot compress and then put on the mixture. Leave it on overnight and cover it with a band aid or gauze. By the morning the pain should go away and you’ll see a head of the boil. Again, don’t squeeze the boils aggressively as this will only worsen the infection. If you have to do it, be very gentle and only push around the boil to get the pus out. This should help the boil clean itself. Repeatedly apply the Vicks mixture on the boils and change the gauze every few hours. Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic which also has pretty bad smell, Vicks opens the pores in the skin and the aspirin gives pain relief since it’s absorbed through the skin. The best way how to get rid of boils is to let them clean themselves when they burst and never push the pus out with force, even when you really want to do it, since this may lead to an even deeper infection.

5. This is the last way how to get rid of boils that is easily done at home. Take some ibuprofen and have a very hot bath with added Epson salts for at least an hour. Make the water as hot as you can bear as this will help the skin open up the boils. For this remedy you’ll have to take yourself some time, but taking a bath really isn’t this bad. A long and hot bath should start the relief of pain and the natural cleaning process.

Remember that you can combine all the above methods that show exactly how to get rid of boils with very little money and in the comfort of your home. Combining 2 or 3 methods will give you a bigger relief of pain and speed up the healing process. Please see other articles on the website for future updates on other ways how to get rid of boils that will follow shortly.

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