Here are 3 remedies for boils that are easy to do and will help you remedy the boil in a few days. No complicated procedures or expensive ingredients are going to be needed. Remedies that cost a lot of money or require you to take hours of your time are not very convenient. Below are 3 home remedies for boils that are simple and won’t cost you a fortune, yet prove effective in getting rid of the painful problem boils prove to be.

3 Simple Home Remedies For Boils That Won’t Take A Lot Of Your Time

For the first method that we are going to give you, out of 3 remedies for boils, is a simple Epsom salt compress. What you basically do is get a paper napkin and put 2T of Epsom salt on it. After that use water to moisten the salt and the napkin, about a tablespoon of it will probably be enough.  Wrap the edges of the napkin so you cover the salt from all sides. This is your Epsom salt compress that you apply on the boil. Tape the napkin with some surgical tape or something that will fix it in the position above the boil. This is best to do before going to bed and leaving it on overnight. Repeat the process for a few days as long as the boil remains painful and doesn’t show the signs of recovery. After the boil cleans itself, make sure to protect your skin from the dirt and let it heal slowly. This simple home remedy for boils will not take a lot of effort or money since you can get Epsom salt on Amazon for a few dollars.

home remedies for boilsThe second technique for getting rid of boils might be unconventional, but many people report its usefulness. It is very simple; you’ll only need some bacon and salt. Get a piece of bacon and put on regular salt so there’s salt over the whole surface of the bacon. Put the salty bacon on the boil and fix it with a band aid or some medical tape. At first you can expect the boil to sting a bit, but this is a good thing. The easiest way to use this method is to apply the bacon overnight and get it off in the morning. Remember that this method for curing boils might need a few days to show first results. Repeat the procedure every night until the boil forms a head and start cleaning itself. When the boil bursts be very gentle at cleaning it as you don’t want to spread the infection deeper into the skin. It’s better to wait a day or two than making the infection worse with impatience. This is one of the home remedies for boils you can try right now without needing anything else, assuming you have some bacon and salt at your home.

This is the last method for treating boils with some ingredients that we usually have at home. We’ll be creating a mix of regular toothpaste (like Aquafresh for example, just make sure it’s not a gel one), any anti itching cream (you can leave that one out if you are not bothered by itching) and crushed antibiotic pills (1-3). Mix this with a few drops of water and apply it on the boil. Before applying it, clean the boil with some antibacterial soap so it’s nice and clean. Cover the boil with a band aid and leave the mixture on overnight. Do this for a few days in a row and you’ll see your boil dry fast.

These are the 3 home remedies for boils that we’ve prepared in this post. If you are looking for more info and more methods you can check out other posts on the homepage where you’ll find new home remedies for boils.

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